Katherine Y. Lin

Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor of Sociology

** On Leave AY 2019-2020 ** 

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My research agenda is broadly motivated by an interest in how individuals experience competing social roles and expectations, and the consequences for health and well-being. My work brings attention to how life course context and selection processes shape the experience of being embedded in competing social structures (such as being a worker and caregiver, or being a professional authority and employee). I use both quantitative and qualitative methods to document the impact of these experiences on psychosocial stress, physical health, and career outcomes.

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Personal Website
Quantitative Social Science
B.A. Northwestern University
M.A. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Selected Publications

Lin, Katherine Y. and Sarah A. Burgard. 2018. "Working, parenting and work-home spillover: Gender differences in the work-home interface across the life course." Advances in Life Course Research, 35: 24-36. 

Lin, Katherine Y., Renee Anspach, Brett Crawford, Sonali Parnami, Andrea Fuhrel-Forbis, Raymond G. De Vries. 2014. “What Must I do to Succeed?: Narratives from the US Premedical Experience.” Social Science and Medicine, 119: 98-105.

Lin, Katherine Y. 2014. “Physicians’ Perceptions of Autonomy across Practice Types: Is Autonomy in Solo Practice a Myth?” Social Science and Medicine, 100: 21-29.

Burgard, Sarah A. and Katherine Y. Lin. 2013. “Bad Jobs, Bad Health? How Work and Working Conditions Contribute to Health Disparities." American Behavioral Scientist, 57(8): 1105-1127.

Works in Progress

Burgard, Sarah A. Katherine Y Lin, Brian D. Segal, Michael Elliot, Sarah S. Seelye. "Stability and Change in Health Risk Behavior Profiles of U.S. Adults". Revise and Resubmit. 

Doren, Catherine. and Katherine Y. Lin. “Diverging Trajectories or Parallel Pathways? A Life Course Approach to the Gender Earnings Gap by Race and Education” Under review. 

Lin, Katherine Y., John Robert Warren, James. M. Raymo, and Andrew Halpern-Manners. “The Role of Lifetime Work Histories in Health Disparities at Older Ages: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study” In preparation.