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  • "Coding In-Depth Semi-Structured Interviews: Problems of Unitization and Inter-Coder Reliability and Agreement."

    John L. Campbell, Charles Quincy, Jordan Osserman, Ove K. Pedersen

    Sociological Methods and Research

  • Age and Its Effect on the Experience and Management of Emotion

    Kathryn J. Lively

    Advances in Group Processes

  • Weight Gain and Depression Among US Young Women During the Transition to Adulthood

    Michelle Frisco, Jason Houle, Adam Lippert

    American Journal of Epidemiology

  • Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders among Asian Americans: Nativity, Gender, and Sociodemographic Correlates

    Seunghye Hong, Emily Walton, Emi Tamaki, Janice Sabin

    Asian American Journal of Psychology