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  • Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, one of the journals of the American Sociological Association, has published this paper by Morgan Matthews '15 and Professor Kathryn Lively: "Making Volunteer-based Democracy 'Work': Gendered Coping Strategies in a Citizen Legislature."  The paper focuses on how state legislators working in a volunteer political institution cope with work and family responsibilities.  Read the full article...

  • Gender, Work and Family

    Sociology 61/WGSS 33.05 at the 2A hour, Dist: SOC; WCult: W.

    The nature of work, family life, and gender relations has changed dramatically over the last half century. This course examines these trends, with a focus on implications for gender inequality in society. We will focus on patterns in paid labor force participation and family life in the United States, and discuss the major debates surrounding the causes and...

  • Sociology major Emma Hartswick '17 reports on this recent experience:

    "The New Hampshire Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting offers students a chance to present their research in public health, and related disciplines, to local and state professionals. I presented at poster at this year's annual meeting on my sociology honors thesis work, “Because it Changes You” : Why Young Adults Use Alcohol and How They Perceive Misuse Prevention Messages. This research is the capstone of my...

  • Dartmouth College Assistant Professor Kimberly Rogers, along with colleagues Tobias Schröder and Jesse Hoey, is being honored at the Montreal American Sociological Association meetings for the paper:

    Schröder, Tobias, Jesse Hoey, and Kimberly B. Rogers. 2016. "Modeling Dynamic Identities and Uncertainty in Social Interactions Bayesian Affect Control Theory." American Sociological Review 81 (4): 828-855.

    The paper is the 2017 recipient of the Mathematical Sociolgy Section...

  • Here’s a question: What drug is the most addictive, least regulated, and most widely endorsed by our culture? Not heroin or cocaine. Not tobacco. Not even alcohol. You might want to put down your caramel ice decaf coffee while you read this: It’s sugar. Read the full article here.

  • Assistant Professor Kimberly Rogers has been awarded a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation, as part of the Trans-Atlantic Platform’s Digging into Data Challenge.

    The project, entitled "Theoretical and Empirical Modeling of Identity and Sentiments in Collaborative Groups," will provide new theoretical insights into the dynamics of self-organized collaborations, in which people come together to work on a common problem without prompting by a third party. A ...

  • One study of 5,000 children’s books found that a quarter had no female characters, and less than 20% featured a woman with a job. But a new wave of books and writers is helping to fix that disparity.  Read the full story ...

  • The Sociology Department deadline for sophomores' submitting an initial DartWorks Plan as a major is April 1, 2017. 

    Please find the most up-to-date course schedule for Summer 2017 through Spring 2019 here

    Please use the worksheets located at the bottom of the webpage found by clicking here to assist you in completing your...

  • The Sociology Department deadline for seniors' filing a final version of the Major Plan in DartWorks (reflecting the proper number of actual major courses taken all four years) is Friday, March 31, 2017.  For regular (that is, not modified) majors, this should show exactly eleven courses and no more.   If you took more than eleven courses in Sociology, please include eleven that meet the Major criteria and would yield you the highest major GPA. The registrar's office and the Department need...

  • Kathryn Lively joins a Valentine's Day discussion on the Exchange regarding how the digital era is impacting romantic relationships.  Listen to the program here.