Misagh Parsa

Professor of Sociology
M.A.L.S. Professor
Faculty Member (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies)

HB 6104
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
B.A. Queens College, CUNY
M.A. University of Michigan
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Selected Publications

Devlet, Ideoloji ve Devrim: Iran, Nikaragua ve Filipinler Devrimlerinin Karsilastirmali Analizi , (2004).

“Conflicts and Collective Action in the Iranian Revolution: A Quantitative Analysis,” Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis , 20:2 (November 2004).

“Will Globalization and Democratization Make Revolutions Obsolete?” in The Future of Revolutions , J Foran (ed.), (2003).

“Islamic Fundamentalist Movements and the Theory of Clash of Civilizations,” Journal of Iranian Research and Analysis , 18:1 (April 2002).

States, Ideologies, and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of Iran, Nicaragua, and the Philippines , (2000).

Works in Progress

Dictatorships and Struggles for Democracy: Republic of Korea, Indonesia, and Iran

“Iran From 1919”