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"Is Student Debt Responsible for 'Boomeranging' Among Young Adults?"

While student loan debt has reached an all-time high, with the average college graduate owing $30,000 in student loans, it does not increase young adults’ risk of “boomeranging” or returning to their parental home, according to a Dartmouth-led study published in Sociology of Education. Boomerangers, surprisingly, had less student loan debt than young adults who didn’t return home. Read the Sociology of Education article here, the Dartmouth press release here, the Forbes article here, and the Fast Company Co.Exist newsletter here.

"Student Debt and Black Homeowners" (The Wall Street Journal)

A study by Dartmouth’s Jason Houle and a colleague from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that student debt appears to have a bigger impact on homeownership among black borrowers than among white borrowers, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Houle, an assistant professor of sociology, and his colleague found that among those with some secondary education, “having $10,000 more in student debt is associated with a 6 percentage point lower probability of homeownership and a 7 percentage point reduced probability of having a mortgage,” writes the Journal.

“One troubling conclusion in the report: To the extent student loan debt is deterring homeownership, the authors find that it is more of a deterrent for blacks than for whites,” the Journal reports.

Read the full story, published 6/20/14 by The Wall Street Journal.