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  • This exchange is Dartmouth's only off-campus program in any Scandinavian country.  For details about why this is a great opportunity to consider and what it is that makes this so special, please click here.

  • Greg Hulbert '86

    I took my Dartmouth Sociology Degree to a large commercial general contracting firm who said I wasn't qualified due a lack of a degree in construction management and replied, "I learned how to read, write, and think and if you hire me I will prove I can do the job."  They hired me. I spent 12 years in construction management and then switched to sales and business development for that industry.  In my continued pursuit to try new things I worked at a real estate...

  • Robbie Ashe '97

    I'm a practicing attorney in Atlanta.  I've been active in Atlanta politics and civic activities since graduating from Dartmouth, most recently as the Chair of the Board of Atlanta's mass transit system (MARTA).

    I use lessons from my Dartmouth sociology classes regularly, particularly related to mass communications and influencing political structures.

  • Charles N. Tseckares '57

    I graduated from Dartmouth with a double major: sociology and art history. My purpose in doing this was to prepare myself either for architecture or archeology.  I knew I had an interest in both and I would let the next few years show me which direction I would go.  Art history would be about historical objects and sociology for human interaction.

    Two years after graduation I left the Army for graduate school in architecture at University of...

  • Robert Poor '53

    Sociology whet my appetite for human interaction and engagement. It has served me well in my marketing career.  I am now serving as a volunteer small business mentor in my local SCORE Chapter in Hagerstown, MD.

  • Allan Munro '59

    I started my career as a banker with Morgan Guaranty in NYC. After 10 years I left to start a research-based consulting company serving banks, investment banks and insurance firms. My statistics course as a Sociology major allowed me to interpret our research results and guided my consulting by understanding groups of clients and their views.

  • Orli Kleiner '12

    Upon graduating from Dartmouth in 2012, I worked in a marketing capacity at two diverse corporations because I perceived a connection between this field and the social sciences but became disillusioned with the two companies for which I worked and, therefore, with the corporate world.  I sought to return to the academic environment in which I realized that I feel most at home ​as​ it provides ongoing challenge​s​, education, and the ability to contribute...

  • William M. Gould '54

    I remember clearly that what drew me to sociology was a fascination about the differences between groups of people. It surely hits many freshmen when they arrive on the Hanover Plain and meet classmates from all over the country (the world), and from varied backgrounds, and have to learn to navigate among those differences. I had wonderful teachers in the department (especially Robert Gutman, Maurice Stein, and  Robert McKennan.) For a while I thought I would go...

  • F. W. (Ted) Gerbracht, Jr. '64

    After graduation, and following three years of military service, I joined the IBM Corporation, beginning a 40-year career as an information technology specialist, manager, and executive with four Fortune 500 companies.  My sociology education at Dartmouth equipped me with a base of knowledge, a set of skills, and some  tools to help me analyze and solve problems.  But the greatest impact was on my parallel life as an independent scholar and teacher,...

  • Steve Cutler '64

    After graduation, I went to the University of Michigan where I got a PhD in Sociology (1969).  I taught in the Department of Sociology at Oberlin College from 1969-1984. I then moved to the University of Vermont to accept an endowed chair in gerontology, staying there until I “retired” in 2009.  Along the way, I’ve been President of the Gerontological Society of America, Chair of its Behavioral and Social Sciences Section, Editor of the Journal of Gerontology:...