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  • Karen (Kramer) Mizell '06

    I always had a strong interest in business, and knew even in college that I wanted to pursue a career in consumer packaged goods brand management.  My double major in Sociology and Economics gave me a great liberal arts foundation for understanding both the people and the number components of business and marketing.  Upon graduation from Dartmouth, I completed my Masters in Business Administration at University of Michigan, with an emphasis on strategy and...

  • Matthew H. Brown '05

    I'm running a financial advisory practice in Portland and have done so for 10 years now.  I'll admit that while I don't reference the works of Durkheim, Weber, and Marx on a daily basis,I do utilize the skills taught in many of the classes and in the context of what the discipline works to understand.  What social science HAS given me is the ability to think about broader demographics, interpret data in the marketplace, and to understand trends.  These things...

  • Rob Manegold '75

    I was a Psych major, with enough credits for a Sociology major as well. After Dartmouth I earned my Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and Student Personnel from the Un. of MN, Mpls. I wanted to transition to Psychological Assessment in the Personnel field, but I was denied acceptance directly into the PhD program and it was suggested I get some work experience in Personnel/Human Resources. After 2 years as Manager of Professional and Technical Recruiting...

  • Thomas M. Aaberg, Sr. '58

    Since my Freshman 'survey' course in sociology, 1954, I have benefited from my education in the Department, subsequently  majoring in sociology and then entering Dartmouth Medical School.  My developing interest in 'small group dynamics and behavior'  helped immensely in all aspects of my life.  After finishing the last 2 medical years at Harvard School of Medicine, then interning at Minneapolis General Hospital before returning for an Ophthalmology...

  • Jim Hale '62

    After spending my senior year at Dartmouth as a Senior Fellow writing a paper on Alienation in an Affluent Society, I went on to Law School at the University of Minnesota.  After Law School I spent a year as a law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren at the Supreme Court and spend a good part of that year working on the Miranda opinion.  

  • Friday, September 11, 2015

    11am-noon, Fahey-McLane Hall, First Floor Lounge

    Professors will briefly introduce themselves, their areas of specialization, and the courses they offer that are especially appropriate for first-year students.  They will be available to discuss the types of courses and the major/minors the Department offers, as well as to answer general questions about Sociology and the Dartmouth-Copenhagen exchange program.

  • Friday, September 11, 2015

    2:30-3:30pm, Silsby 113

    Quantitative Social Science is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the use of statistics, computing, and other analytical methods in the social sciences.  Students who want to combine interests in a social science field with courses that emphasize technical skills--with particular emphasis on data analysis and computation--should stop by to learn about this program and what it can offer.

  • Recent work by Professor Jason Houle and University of Wisconsin Social Work Professor Lawrence Berger challenges the prevailing notion that student debt is the primary reason young adults delay buying a home.  Read and listen to the story.

  • Is there a link between student loan debt and homeownership?  Read the full article by Jason Houle, and colleague Lawrence Berger from the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

  • With co-authors from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the Federal Reserve Board, Assistant Professor Jason Houle reports on a relationship between exogenous shocks (such as influenza) and credit default.  Read more here.