Application Procedure

Apply on-line

Students apply for the program via the The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Programs web site. To apply, click on "Find a program". The exchange can then be found either by using the search engine, or listing all of the programs on the menu of options and then scrolling down to the "University of Copenhagen" and selecting the program. Once at the University of Copenhagen section, begin the application process by selecting "Apply Now." Applications open during the fall term and must be submitted by the designated deadline in the application.

The program is open to all social science majors. Students who apply are required to have an overall grade point average of at least 3.0. At the discretion of the selection committee, there may be an interview by the committee in the winter term. If you will not be at Dartmouth during the winter term, your interview would need to be in fall term unless you make other arrangements. Selection is based upon the strength of the application, and the number of spaces available in the program (which varies from one year to the next). Acceptance letters will be mailed by early March.

In the past, a few students have registered as foreign students at the University of Copenhagen independently of the Dartmouth-Copenhagen exchange program. Now, however, under Danish law, the University of Copenhagen is not permitted to allow foreign students to register outside the bounds of a formal exchange agreement if such an agreement exits between the University of Copenhagen and the student's home school. Hence, it is now illegal for Dartmouth students to enroll at the University of Copenhagen other than through the Dartmouth-Copenhagen exchange program.