Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Other Costs


SStudents pay Dartmouth tuition to Dartmouth for the term.  Housing costs are paid to the University of Copenhagen.  Housing costs for Dartmouth students in Copenhagen are variable and may exceed what they would be at Dartmouth.  Check the website below for current estimates of housing and living costs.  Students pay for their own food and do their own food shopping and cooking so, depending on your culinary skills and tastes, costs for food will vary.  It is important to remember that exchange rates fluctuate.  This means that the cost in U.S. dollars for housing, food, public transportation and other tings may vary.  Copenhagen is an expensive place to live even though the dollar is strong vis-à-vis the Danish krone right now.  Your expenses will probably be higher than they would be at Dartmouth for a term.  As of June 2019, the University of Copenhagen estimates that living expenses will be approximately as follows (current exchange rate is $1.00 = 6.6 DKK).  Some students have reported that these estimates are low; it depends on your lifestyle: 

    Housing/month     $1,060-1,515     (7,000-10,000 DKK)   
    Board/Month     $453-605     (3,000-4,000 DKK)
    Local transportation/Month (if you travel daily)     $57-151     (380-1,000 DKK)
    Pocket money/Month     $302     (2,000 DKK)
    Books/Supplies/Semester     $226-302     (1,500-2,000 DKK)
    Buying a used bicycle     $121-226     (800-1,500 DKK)

For further information see

Costs estimated 06/2019

Financial Aid

All those presently receiving Dartmouth financial aid are also eligible for this aid in the Copenhagen exchange program.


All Dartmouth students will be provided by the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH) with housing in flats, family homes, student apartments, or converted dorms.  Because housing in Copenhagen is in short supply, it is likely that students will be notified about the specifics of their housing situation only 2-4 weeks before their departure to Denmark.  Students should apply to the UCPH for housing as soon as possible after being accepted into the program.  The UCPH has only a very few dormitories and no dining halls.  As noted above, students should not expect the same level of amenities that Dartmouth offers its students in the dorms (e.g., high-speed internet access, free long distance telephone, etc.).  Nor should students assume that they will necessarily be living with other Dartmouth students.

Rental Agreements

Students will very likely be required to pay for housing for a longer period of time than they will actually be in Copenhagen.  The typical rental agreement runs from mid-July through the end of January.  Students can use the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation to offer their rooms to other students for the end of the rental period (not the beginning) but Copenhagen cannot guarantee that another student will accept the offer.  For their own financial reasons the Housing Foundation must work with fixed rental periods that correspond with the University of Copenhagen’s semester system, which unfortunately does not coincide with Dartmouth’s quarter system.