Culminating Experience

Below is a list of culminating experience courses for Sociology majors. 

If you are choosing 90 or 98, you must contact a faculty member during the winter term of your Junior year to make sure they are able to advise you.

91. Sociological Imagination

(course syllabus - Lively)

(course syllabus - Houle & Rogers)

(course syllabus - Houle)

(course syllabus - Rogers)

SOCY 91 is offered every winter and spring

C. Wright Mills described "the sociological imagination" as that quality of mind with the ability to grasp the interplay of biography and history, of self and social structure, of private troubles and public issues. As we venture into the 21st century, various issues of class, race and gender inequalities and conflicts appear to dominate popular discourse and policy debates. This capstone seminar will explore current substantive and theoretical expressions of the sociological imagination for providing critical assistance in understanding some of the major social issues of our time. The seminar is designed to emphasize critical discussion through active participation and class presentations. Each student will complete a significant intellectual project which reflects her or his own sociological analysis about an important social issue. Open to senior sociology majors, and others only by permission of the instructor. Prerequisites are SOCY 1 or 2, 10, 11 , 15 or 16. Dist: SOC; WCult: W. 

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98. Honors Thesis

All Terms: Arrange

Open only to, and required of all, Sociology honors majors, this course involves independent work under the direction of a faculty adviser, culminating in the preparation and presentation of an honors thesis. Sociology honors majors normally take SOCY 98 & 99: SOCY 99 during the last term in residence and SOCY 98 during a preceding term. Exceptions to this pattern are, however, permitted if circumstances warrant. Honors students are normally expected to publicly present their thesis to the Department during the term in which it is completed. By permission of a Sociology faculty member prior to registration.

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90. Senior Independent Study Project

All Terms: Arrange

Independent work under the direction of a member of the Department and with Departmental approval may satisfy the culminating requirement in the major. Those interested should develop their plans with a prospective faculty adviser and must submit and have approved a written proposal at least one term prior to the term in which the course will be elected. Open only to senior majors. By permission of a Sociology faculty member prior to registration.

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