The curriculum

The curriculum of the Department of Sociology includes courses on self and identity; race, class, and gender relations; health; inequality and social mobility; family; social movements; political sociology; theory; international studies, social change, survey research methods, and data analysis.

The Department provides strong training in research design and quantitative (SOCY 10, 54) and qualitative methods (SOCY 11). Several upper-level courses provide hands-on research opportunities. The Department also offers courses with an experiential learning and community-engagement component.

In addition to these offerings, the Department frequently offers special topics courses, as well as one-time and regular seminars. The offerings are designed to respond to particular interests of students and faculty, including visiting sociologists, and provide opportunities to develop and experiment with new courses. It is thus important to check our course listings periodically. There may be a one-time offering that ideally suits your interests.

Important Note

The syllabi posted here may not be current and cannot substitute for material distributed to a specific class. Under no circumstances should these syllabi be used by students seeking information about assignments in a course in which they are currently enrolled. Even if the syllabus appears to be in use, it cannot be assumed to be up-to-date. Rather, the syllabi posted here are intended to be used for broad informational purposes--to assist students as they plan their academic programs or to guide them to readings on topics they may find interesting. We hope you find them useful!