Two Special Sociology Course Offerings in Fall 2015

Sociology of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Sociology 49.15/JWST 68.02/AMES 41.09,  at the 2A hour, Dist: SOC.

The course aims to comprehend Israeli-Palestinian relations from the first moments of Zionist-Palestinian encounter. It presents different approaches to the interpretation of these relations, the beginning of the conflict before the establishment of the Jewish State, and its further developments. The course will enter key debates on  military-society relations, Jewish democracy,  economic relations, and the failure of the peace process, ending with a discussion of options for the future.


Israeli Society--Structure, Institutions, Identities and Dynamics

Sociology 49.12/JWST 68.01/AMES 41.08, at the 10A hour, Dist:  SOC; WCult: CI.

The goal of this course is to study  Israeli society from a sociological perspective. The course analyzes the economic, political and social factors that shaped Israeli society from its inception, its historical transformation at the structural and institutional levels, and in the changing relations among different social groups. This course examines the establishment of the state, absorption of immigrants, ethnicity, messianic politics, Palestinian uprisings, peace process, and redefinitions of nationalism.


Both with Professor Lev Grinberg, Ben Gurion University, Israel