Congratulations Kimberly Rogers and Michele Tine

Faculty Awards Recognize Teaching and Scholarship

"These faculty members embody the true meaning of Dartmouth's scholar-teacher model for delivering a world-class liberal arts education," says Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Smith. "Their unwavering commitment to both teaching and scholarship creates a brilliant environment to launch a 'lifetime of learning' for their students."

Kimberly Rogers

Associate professor of sociology

John M. Manley Huntington Award for Newly Tenured Faculty

I am a sociological social psychologist who studies how our interactions with others are impacted by, and contribute to, social inequality. My recent work examines how self and identity processes contribute to inequalities in social treatment and emotional experiences, with a particular focus on occupational inequality, discrimination, victimization, and mental health outcomes.

Michele Tine

Associate professor of education

Jerome Goldstein Award for Distinguished Teaching

In my lab, I research how learning varies for children from different backgrounds so I can design efficacious interventions. In my courses, students learn how much we know about child development and how rarely we incorporate that knowledge into educational practice. I aim to empower Dartmouth students to change that.

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