The Chronicle of Higher Education "Student-Loan Debt Is a Crisis for Black Borrowers"

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October 12, 2022

"Student-Loan Debt Is a Crisis for Black Borrowers. Racial disparities in student debt are at an all-time high."

By Jason Houle and Fenaba Addo

October 12, 2022

In November 2015, The New York Times published an op-ed on student-loan debt that focused on the plight of Liz Kelley, a college graduate, mother of four, and high-school teacher who owed a whopping $410,000 in federal student loans. In 2017, USA Today profiled Melissa Cefalu and her husband, Andrew, two white-collar professionals saddled with $365,000 in debt. One year later, the newspaper profiled Jodi Meyers, whose $60,000 in student debt kept her dreams of homeownership on hold. The Chicago Sun-Times highlighted Tiela Halpin, who said she "expects to die" before repaying her $80,000 debt, as well as Amanda Spizzirri, a four-year-college graduate with $90,000 in debt who is struggling to repay her loans while working as a barista and a server.

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