The Sociology Department Welcomes New Faculty

The sociology department is delighted to welcome Casey Stockstill and Smriti Upadhyay.

Casey Stockstill is a race scholar who studies childhood and inequalities. She uses ethnography, interviews, and experiments to examine how race and class matter in daily life, and how those experiences reinforce inequalities. Casey values connecting her research to broader public conversations. She will be teaching SOCY 1 Introductory Sociology in the fall.

Smriti Upadhyay's research is concerned with understanding the rise of the right-wing among workers, especially in India. Her work also explores the sociological dynamics of social protest, in India and Globally. Smriti's research and teaching draws on qualitative and quantitative methods and aims to empirically and theoretically center the global South within sociology. Prior to her life as an academic, Smriti worked in international human rights in New Delhi, India and Geneva, Switzerland. She will be teaching SOCY 26 Capitalism, Prosperity and Crisis in the fall.