In Their Own Words: Alumni in Business

Greg Hulbert '86

I took my Dartmouth Sociology Degree to a large commercial general contracting firm who said I wasn't qualified due a lack of a degree in construction management and replied, "I learned how to read, write, and think and if you hire me I will prove I can do the job."  They hired me. I spent 12 years in construction management and then switched to sales and business development for that industry.  In my continued pursuit to try new things I worked at a real estate consulting firm, a global real estate provider overseeing the project management business, and currently work for the world's largest architectural design firm helping with global account management.   My sociology degree propelled my interests to keep learning how groups, teams, and societies work together.  And it isn't always easy to attain, but success occurs when everyone is committed to open, honest, communication.  I learned the fundamentals of looking at opposing views and interests, in the Sociology Department at Dartmouth; this has helped me succeed in my career immensely.