In Their Own Words: Alumni in Education

Orli Kleiner '12

Upon graduating from Dartmouth in 2012, I worked in a marketing capacity at two diverse corporations because I perceived a connection between this field and the social sciences but became disillusioned with the two companies for which I worked and, therefore, with the corporate world.  I sought to return to the academic environment in which I realized that I feel most at home ​as​ it provides ongoing challenge​s​, education, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to those around me. 

As a result, I am pursuing a career in high school social studies education in large part because I so thoroughly enjoyed my immersion in sociology and the social sciences as a major at Dartmouth.  As a result, I have dedicated my professional life to sharing this passion with students.  In order to acquire a more well-rounded base of subject matter and to prepare to better serve my future students, I earned an MA in History at Yale University, and I am currently pursuing an MA in Education at Stanford University.  I look forward to sharing my education in the social sciences, an education that began with the Sociology Department at Dartmouth, with my future students!