Winner of International Research Competition

Assistant Professor Kimberly Rogers has been awarded a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation, as part of the Trans-Atlantic Platform’s Digging into Data Challenge.

The project, entitled "Theoretical and Empirical Modeling of Identity and Sentiments in Collaborative Groups," will provide new theoretical insights into the dynamics of self-organized collaborations, in which people come together to work on a common problem without prompting by a third party. A theoretically-grounded computational model of small group interactions will be used to explore the mechanisms that motivate self-organized collaborations and determine their likelihood of success or failure, focusing on the example of open-source software development in online collaborative networks like GitHub. The project is sponsored by four funding agencies spanning the United States (NSF; PI: Kimberly B. Rogers, $174,748 USD), Canada (SSHRC, NSERC; PI: Jesse Hoey, $199,504 CDN), and Germany (DFG; PI: Tobias Schroder, €295,951 EUR).

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