Emily Walton

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Emily Walton's research investigates residential experiences and health among multiple racial and ethnic groups. She aims to add complexity to the way researchers theorize about race and place as our population continues to be shaped by immigration in the 21st century.

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
108 Silsby Hall
HB 6104
Asian American Studies
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Ph.D., University of Washington
M.A., University of Washington
B.S. The Evergreen State College

Selected Publications

 Walton, Emily. 2017 Forthcoming. “Be a Good Neighbor! Mind (Y)Our Business.” Contexts.

Walton, Emily. 2017. “Spatial Assimilation and its Discontents: Asian Ethnic Neighborhood Change in California.” Urban Geography. 38: 993-1018.

Walton, Emily and Denise Anthony. 2017. “Do You Want to See a Doctor for That? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Care-Seeking Preferences.” Research in the Sociology of Health Care. Vol. 35: 249-278 .

Walton, Emily and Mae Hardebeck. 2016. “Multiethnic Neighborhoods on the Ground: Resources, Constraints, and Sense of Community.” Du Bois Review. 13: 345-363.

Walton, Emily. 2016. “’It’s Not Just a Bunch of Buildings’: Investment, Sense of Community, and Collective Efficacy in a Multiethnic Public Housing Neighborhood” City & Community. 15: 231-263.

Walton, Emily. 2015. “Making Sense of Asian American Ethnic Neighborhoods: A Typology and Application to Health.” Sociological Perspectives. 58: 490-515.

Walton, Emily. 2014. “Vital Places: Facilitators of Behavioral and Social Health Mechanisms in Low-Income Housing Neighborhoods.” Social Science & Medicine. 122: 1-12.

Hong, Seunghye, Wei Zhang, and Emily Walton. 2014. “Neighborhoods and Mental Health: Exploring Ethnic Density, Poverty, and Social Cohesion among Asian Americans and Latinos.” Social Science & Medicine. 111: 117-124.

Walton, Emily. 2012. “Resurgent Ethnicity among Asian Americans: Ethnic Neighborhood Context and Health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 53: 378-394.

Leu, Janxin, Emily Walton, and David T. Takeuchi. 2011. “Contextualizing Acculturation: Gender, Family, and Community Reception Influences on Asian Immigrant Mental Health.” American Journal of Community Psychology. 48: 168-180.

Walton, Emily, and David T. Takeuchi. 2010. “Family Structure, Family Processes and Well-Being among Asian Americans: Considering Gender and Nativity.” Journal of Family Issues 31:301-332.

Walton, Emily. 2009. “Residential Segregation and Birth Weight among Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 50:427-442.

Walton, Emily, David T. Takeuchi, Jerald R. Herting, and Margarita Alegría. 2009. “Contextualizing the Education and Health Status Association: Evidence from a National Study of Asian Americans.” Biodemography and Social Biology 55:30-51.

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