Marc Dixon

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology

I write on unions, social movements, and their impact on corporate and governmental policy. My current research examines conflicts over labor rights in the United States as well as non-state attempts to regulate and improve corporate labor and environmental standards.

Curriculum Vitae
306D Blunt Hall
HB 6104
B.A. University of Vermont
M.A. Ohio State University
Ph.D. Ohio State University

Selected Publications

DiGrazia, Joe and Marc Dixon. 2019. “The Conservative Upsurge and Labor Policy in the States.” Work and Occupations (forthcoming).

Martin, Andrew W. and Marc Dixon. 2019. “The Institutionalization of Anti-Business Protest, 1960-1995.” The Sociological Quarterly (forthcoming).

Dixon, Marc, Melinda Kane and Joseph DiGrazia. 2017. “Organization, Opportunity, and the Shifting Politics of Employment Discrimination.” Social Currents 4(2):111-127.

Dixon, Marc, Andrew W. Martin and Michael Nau. 2016. “Social Protest and Corporate Change: Brand Visibility, Third Party Influence, and the Responsiveness of Corporations to Activist Campaigns.” Mobilization 21 (1):65-82.

Dixon, M and A W Martin. 2012. “We Can’t Win This on Our Own: Unions, Firms, and the Mobilization of External Allies in Labor Disputes.” American Sociological Review 77 (2012):946-969.