Sunmin Kim

|Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments
  • Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • Faculty associate, The Dartmouth Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality (RMS)

Sunmin Kim is primarily interested in bringing insights from sociology of culture and knowledge into the studies of race and immigration in the United States.

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Blunt Alum Ctr, Room 301D
HB 6104


  • B.A. Seoul National University
  • M.A. Seoul National University
  • M.A. University of California, Berkeley
  • Ph. D. University of California, Berkley

Selected Publications

  • Kim, Sunmin. 2024. "Blinded by the Facts: Unintended Consequences of Racial Knowledge Production in the Dillingham Commission (1907-1911)" Theory and Society. Link

  • Kim, Sunmin and Taeku Lee. 2023. "Making Opinions Public: Polling and Democratic Responsiveness in South Korea" Politics and Society. Link 

  • Kim, Sunmin. 2023. "Edward A. Ross" (Presidential Biography in the American Sociological Association Website) Link

  • Kim, Sunmin. 2023. "Heterogeneity in "Asian American" Footnotes 51(3). Link

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Works In Progress

  • The Unruly Facts of Race: The Politics of Knowledge Production in the Early Twentieth Century Immigration Debate (Book manuscript in progress)

  • "Assimilation in Market and Politics: Exit and Voice for Children of Imimgrants" 

  • "Paper Students: Early Korean Immigrants Eluding the American State" (with Carolyn Choi) (invited for a special issue)

  • "Quantifying the Inscrutable: The Question of Japanese American Loyalty During the Internment" (with Hyunsik Chun)

  • "Boundary-Making across 22-OECD Countries: A Multi-Level Latent Class Approach" (with Inkwan Chung)

  • "The Heterogeneity among Asian Americans" (with Nolan Yee '25)

  • "Teaching Asian American Studies through the History of Student Mobilization" (with Daniel Lin '23)

Selected Works & Activities

"Asian American Student Activism at Dartmouth College" (a student web exhibit from SOCY 76 Winter 2023: Race, Power, and Politics) Link