Alumni Stories

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Sociology

Steve Cutler '64

After graduation, I went to the University of Michigan where I got a PhD in Sociology (1969).  I taught in the Department of Sociology at Oberlin College from 1969-1984. I then moved to the University of Vermont to accept an endowed chair in gerontology, staying there until I “retired” in 2009.  Along the way, I’ve been President of the Gerontological Society of America, Chair of its Behavioral and Social Sciences Section, Editor of the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, and Chair of ASA’s Section on Aging and the Life Course.  Since retiring, I’ve been teaching part-time at the University of Bucharest (where I’ve had three Fulbright awards) and doing research and writing on population aging and on concerns about developing Alzheimer’s disease.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Business

Karen (Kramer) Mizell '06

I always had a strong interest in business, and knew even in college that I wanted to pursue a career in consumer packaged goods brand management.  My double major in Sociology and Economics gave me a great liberal arts foundation for understanding both the people and the number components of business and marketing.  Upon graduation from Dartmouth, I completed my Masters in Business Administration at University of Michigan, with an emphasis on strategy and general management.  After internships at Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods, I joined the marketing team at E. & J. Gallo Winery in California.  In my 8+ years at Gallo so far, I've had the opportunity to branch out to a variety of exciting and challenging roles in other areas of the business, including Lean Six Sigma and Sales Planning.  I consider myself lucky to work at a great company, with great people, in an exciting industry.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Business

Matthew H. Brown '05

I'm running a financial advisory practice in Portland and have done so for 10 years now.  I'll admit that while I don't reference the works of Durkheim, Weber, and Marx on a daily basis,I do utilize the skills taught in many of the classes and in the context of what the discipline works to understand.  What social science HAS given me is the ability to think about broader demographics, interpret data in the marketplace, and to understand trends.  These things all translate into the ability to help my clients through better guidance and discourse.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Business

Rob Manegold '75

I was a Psych major, with enough credits for a Sociology major as well. After Dartmouth I earned my Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and Student Personnel from the Un. of MN, Mpls. I wanted to transition to Psychological Assessment in the Personnel field, but I was denied acceptance directly into the PhD program and it was suggested I get some work experience in Personnel/Human Resources. After 2 years as Manager of Professional and Technical Recruiting for a Milwaukee company (Johnson Controls) where I was primarily responsible for hiring engineers into sales engineering and application engineering positions, I was approached by a Branch Manager to become a Sales Engineer myself. JCI only hired engineers for these positions and I was considered an experiment.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Health & Medicine

Thomas M. Aaberg, Sr. '58

Since my Freshman 'survey' course in sociology, 1954, I have benefited from my education in the Department, subsequently  majoring in sociology and then entering Dartmouth Medical School.  My developing interest in 'small group dynamics and behavior'  helped immensely in all aspects of my life.  After finishing the last 2 medical years at Harvard School of Medicine, then interning at Minneapolis General Hospital before returning for an Ophthalmology residency at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, I was committed to 2 years of 'Military Service' in the CORD program.  I was assigned to the Oklahoma State Health Department and tasked with implementation of a State-side County-situated glaucoma screening program which had been started by my predecessor and then initiating and implementing a state-wide pre-school amblyopia screening program which I developed through help from the University of Oklahoma School of medicine  resulting in Master's thesis and degree [MSPH] from the U. of Oklahoma.  Both programs relied heavily on my sociology training. 

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Law

Jim Hale '62

After spending my senior year at Dartmouth as a Senior Fellow writing a paper on Alienation in an Affluent Society, I went on to Law School at the University of Minnesota.  After Law School I spent a year as a law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren at the Supreme Court and spend a good part of that year working on the Miranda opinion.  

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Consulting

Severina Ostrovsky '07

Post Dartmouth, I began working for a small brand-strategy consulting firm, but quickly realized it was not for me. Shortly thereafter, about a year later, I took my passion for learning about individuals' interactions and funneled it into the field of private intelligence.  It has been 6.5 years now that I've concentrated on this field and two jobs later, I still love it.  I perform intelligence-gathering research to assist both Government agencies and major commercial players in a wide-array of problems.  I assist clients with anything from global pre-investment investigations to threat intelligence.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Journalism

Clint Hendler '05

When applying for your first job out of college, it can be hard to frame your undergraduate experience in a way that just might appear relevant to whoever ends up reading your cover letter. But as a senior and recent graduate trying to break into journalism, I remember a sentence that I used all the time: "Sociology gave me the tools to understand the backstory."

Nearly 10 years on, I've come to realize that it was more than a nice-sounding line: things I learned in Silsby Hall about race, identity, income inequality, the welfare state, and theories of political change and revolution have provided vital context throughout my time as a reporter, editor, and news consumer.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Education

Courtney Brown '13

After graduation, I accepted an AmeriCorps position as a College Preparation coach with a St. Louis college access organization called College Bound. We work to help promising students from under-resourced backgrounds prepare for, get accepted to, and be able to pay for college.Everything I learned about education and equality while obtaining my Sociology degree is directly relevant to the work that I do. I am so much more aware of the impact someone's background can have on how they go through life. I am able to be open-minded not just because I'm a "good person" but because I have been educated about these issues.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Sociology

Blythe George '12

In my senior year at Dartmouth, I completed a Senior Fellowship on Native student achievement in the state of California from an interdisciplinary perspective. After graduating in 2012, I continued this work as a guidance counselor for a school associated with my tribe, the Yurok tribe of Northern California, and as a data consultant for schools in my home area. This fall I began my dissertation studies at Harvard University in their Sociology and Social Policy program, emphasizing in education and economic reform policy focused on poverty relief in Native and rural low-income communities. None of this would have been possible without the tutelage of the Dartmouth Sociology Department, and I am increasingly grateful as each day of grad school brings new challenges that my Dartmouth tools are learning to tackle!

Emily Carian '11

The wonderful classes I took at Dartmouth and my research experience with Professor Anthony convinced me to pursue a PhD in sociology. I've completed my first year as a graduate student at Stanford University. My research interests are always changing, but right now they include gender and social movements.