Alumni Stories

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Business

Stephanie Hu '11

Since graduation, I've been working for Putnam Investments in Boston doing equity investing. Even though I got my position through recruiting senior year, I applied to jobs in a range of industries and never really envisioned myself entering a career in finance. It has taken a few years but I've really grown to love it. At Putnam, I focus on healthcare companies and my sociology degree has been helpful in understanding the US healthcare system and the social challenges facing it- a perspective that not many other financiers may have. There certainly aren't many people with a sociology degree at my company, or even the industry, but in a business where its all about getting an edge, I really appreciate the uniqueness of my background.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Health & Medicine

Morgan Cole '07

Following my graduation from Dartmouth, I spent two years as a community health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, then attended graduate school for a master's degree in public policy at Johns Hopkins University. I'm now working on health care policy for the state of Maryland.

Sarah Szkola '03

I use my sociology degree every day! I'm an assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at UCSF. I work with children who are hospitalized, as well as those who visit the urgent care clinic. My degree has helped me understand the societal forces that shape our families' experiences, and influence the health of children. I teach medical students and residents, and I consistently draw upon my sociology background to try and help them understand the multiple forces that impact the health of our patients. I am grateful each day for the sociology training I received at Dartmouth!

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Law

Hillary Cheng '11

I'm currently preparing for the NH and MA bar exams (2014), and I'm planning on moving to Portland OR in September. I've decided to pursue a career in immigration removal defense to protect low-income individuals from deportation because I see this area as one of great need with very little attention being paid to it.

Reyna Ramirez '10

I am the development coordinator for the New England Innocence Project. We work with wrongfully convicted inmates trying to get them out of prison. It's very hard, but fulfilling work, and my experience as a sociology major definitely inspired me to help those wronged by the justice system that we, as members of society, should all be more aware of. I plan to go to law school and get my joint J.D./MSW degree so I can have a positive impact on the many ills that infect the system (JD), while being able to provide the individualized client support that is often missing from attorney client interaction (MSW).

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Social Work

Tina Alexander '11

Since Dartmouth I have worked for a couple of different places, currently I work for the State of Texas working with a team to decided if people get disability benefits  through social security. (10/2014)

Jordyn (Paradis) Hagar '04

I received my Master's in Social Work after leaving Dartmouth and currently practice clinical social work with kids and families, which certainly uses a great deal of my original sociology degree. I also wrote a book a couple of years ago called At Least You'll Be Married to a Doctor: Managing Your Intimate Relationship Through Medical School. It incorporates many themes and concepts that I learned through my sociology degree and combines them with the experiences my husband and I have encountered while he has gone through the medical training process. You can find the book on and more information at my website.