In Their Own Words: Alumni in Consulting

Allan Munro '59

I started my career as a banker with Morgan Guaranty in NYC. After 10 years I left to start a research-based consulting company serving banks, investment banks and insurance firms. My statistics course as a Sociology major allowed me to interpret our research results and guided my consulting by understanding groups of clients and their views.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Consulting

Severina Ostrovsky '07

Post Dartmouth, I began working for a small brand-strategy consulting firm, but quickly realized it was not for me. Shortly thereafter, about a year later, I took my passion for learning about individuals' interactions and funneled it into the field of private intelligence.  It has been 6.5 years now that I've concentrated on this field and two jobs later, I still love it.  I perform intelligence-gathering research to assist both Government agencies and major commercial players in a wide-array of problems.  I assist clients with anything from global pre-investment investigations to threat intelligence.