In Their Own Words: Alumni in Education

Orli Kleiner '12

Upon graduating from Dartmouth in 2012, I worked in a marketing capacity at two diverse corporations because I perceived a connection between this field and the social sciences but became disillusioned with the two companies for which I worked and, therefore, with the corporate world.  I sought to return to the academic environment in which I realized that I feel most at home ​as​ it provides ongoing challenge​s​, education, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to those around me. 

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Sociology

Steve Cutler '64

After graduation, I went to the University of Michigan where I got a PhD in Sociology (1969).  I taught in the Department of Sociology at Oberlin College from 1969-1984. I then moved to the University of Vermont to accept an endowed chair in gerontology, staying there until I “retired” in 2009.  Along the way, I’ve been President of the Gerontological Society of America, Chair of its Behavioral and Social Sciences Section, Editor of the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, and Chair of ASA’s Section on Aging and the Life Course.  Since retiring, I’ve been teaching part-time at the University of Bucharest (where I’ve had three Fulbright awards) and doing research and writing on population aging and on concerns about developing Alzheimer’s disease.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Education

Courtney Brown '13

After graduation, I accepted an AmeriCorps position as a College Preparation coach with a St. Louis college access organization called College Bound. We work to help promising students from under-resourced backgrounds prepare for, get accepted to, and be able to pay for college.Everything I learned about education and equality while obtaining my Sociology degree is directly relevant to the work that I do. I am so much more aware of the impact someone's background can have on how they go through life. I am able to be open-minded not just because I'm a "good person" but because I have been educated about these issues.