In Their Own Words: Alumni in Law

Robbie Ashe '97

I'm a practicing attorney in Atlanta.  I've been active in Atlanta politics and civic activities since graduating from Dartmouth, most recently as the Chair of the Board of Atlanta's mass transit system (MARTA).

I use lessons from my Dartmouth sociology classes regularly, particularly related to mass communications and influencing political structures.

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Law

Jim Hale '62

After spending my senior year at Dartmouth as a Senior Fellow writing a paper on Alienation in an Affluent Society, I went on to Law School at the University of Minnesota.  After Law School I spent a year as a law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren at the Supreme Court and spend a good part of that year working on the Miranda opinion.  

In Their Own Words: Alumni in Law

Hillary Cheng '11

I'm currently preparing for the NH and MA bar exams (2014), and I'm planning on moving to Portland OR in September. I've decided to pursue a career in immigration removal defense to protect low-income individuals from deportation because I see this area as one of great need with very little attention being paid to it.

Reyna Ramirez '10

I am the development coordinator for the New England Innocence Project. We work with wrongfully convicted inmates trying to get them out of prison. It's very hard, but fulfilling work, and my experience as a sociology major definitely inspired me to help those wronged by the justice system that we, as members of society, should all be more aware of. I plan to go to law school and get my joint J.D./MSW degree so I can have a positive impact on the many ills that infect the system (JD), while being able to provide the individualized client support that is often missing from attorney client interaction (MSW).