Sophomores: Major-Declaration Deadline

The Sociology Department deadline for sophomores' submitting an initial DartWorks Plan as a major is April 1, 2017. 

Please find the most up-to-date course schedule for Summer 2017 through Spring 2019 here

Please use the worksheets located at the bottom of the webpage found by clicking here to assist you in completing your Major Planner within DartWorks. 

The registrar's office has a Guide here to help you with getting that Plan into DartWorks. Your online plan will need to be reviewed by the Department (and may need a little tweaking by you) so please allow time to get this completed. 

If you would like assistance in the initial step of completing your Major Plan worksheet, please come by Silsby 111 on any Tuesday during the hours of 1:30-3:30pm before April, and see Department Administrator Judy Danna.  Or send an email with alternate times if you prefer to set something up by appointment.

Seniors: Major-Update Deadline

The Sociology Department deadline for seniors' filing a final version of the Major Plan in DartWorks (reflecting the proper number of actual major courses taken all four years) is Friday, March 31, 2017.  For regular (that is, not modified) majors, this should show exactly eleven courses and no more.   If you took more than eleven courses in Sociology, please include eleven that meet the Major criteria and would yield you the highest major GPA. The registrar's office and the Department need a record from each senior of the sequence of Major courses completed.  If you have not already done so, please be sure to log into DartWorks and take care of this before the Department deadline above.

Considering Declaring as a Sociology Major?

Our Sociology alumni have taken positions in the Peace Corps, public health, government, database management, a Silicon Valley software firm, National Public Radio, to name just a few.  Graduate school pursuits include Sociology, law, medicine, business, public policy, political science, industrial and labor relations.  Click on the box to the left to read more about careers and alumni stories.

Ready to declare?  Please find the most up-to-date Sociology course schedule for Spring 2017 through Spring 2019 here.  Please use the worksheets located at the bottom of the webpage found by clicking here to assist you in completing your Major Planner within DegreeWorks.

First-Year Orientation Open House in Sociology

Friday, September 11, 2015

11am-noon, Fahey-McLane Hall, First Floor Lounge

Professors will briefly introduce themselves, their areas of specialization, and the courses they offer that are especially appropriate for first-year students.  They will be available to discuss the types of courses and the major/minors the Department offers, as well as to answer general questions about Sociology and the Dartmouth-Copenhagen exchange program.

Sociology Professor is One of Six Chosen to Serve As a House Professor

The house communities—a cornerstone of the Moving Dartmouth Forward plan announced by President Phil Hanlon ’77 in January—are designed to transform Dartmouth’s undergraduate residential experience, bringing more continuity to students’ on-campus living options and greater opportunity for faculty-student interactions beyond the classroom. The houses will open to students in fall 2016.  Read the full story in Dartmouth Now.

Sociology Professor is One of Ten Chosen to Receive Internal Funding for New Research

Urban Multiethnic Neighborhood Stability and Health
Emily Walton, Arts and Sciences, Sociology

A study to understand the social and structural factors affecting residents’ interracial and interethnic relationships in stable, multiethnic neighborhoods and to understand the factors affecting the ability of individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds to come together as a cohesive community.

Read the full story from Dartmouth Now.

Two Special Sociology Course Offerings in Fall 2015

Sociology of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Sociology 49.15/JWST 68.02/AMES 41.09,  at the 2A hour, Dist: SOC.

The course aims to comprehend Israeli-Palestinian relations from the first moments of Zionist-Palestinian encounter. It presents different approaches to the interpretation of these relations, the beginning of the conflict before the establishment of the Jewish State, and its further developments. The course will enter key debates on  military-society relations, Jewish democracy,  economic relations, and the failure of the peace process, ending with a discussion of options for the future.


Israeli Society--Structure, Institutions, Identities and Dynamics

Sociology 49.12/JWST 68.01/AMES 41.08, at the 10A hour, Dist:  SOC; WCult: CI.

Rockefeller Center conducts a manuscript review for Janice McCabe

On February 2nd, faculty and staff members from Dartmouth and beyond gathered at the Rockefeller Center to discuss the current research of Janice M. McCabe, an Assistant Professor of Sociology whose area of expertise includes gender, education, and youth studies. With a focus in research that investigates youth culture and social networks, Janice McCabe recently completed a manuscript tentatively titled, "Friends with Academic Benefits: Networks Matter During and After College." Andrew Samwick, Professor of Economics and Director of the Rockefeller Center, facilitated the three-hour discussion, which intended to offer constructive criticism of the manuscript at the pre-publication stage.  Read the full story.

One-Time Sociology Course Offering in Spring 2015

Religion and Political Economy
Sociology 49.17

Dist:  SOC; WCult: W.

2 hour with Prof. Henry Clark

What is religion’s role in the wealth and poverty of nations? Is there really a “Protestant ethic” and a “spirit of capitalism?” Or is human prosperity completely independent of religious belief, institutions, and “spirit”? How do Western and non-Western societies seeking their place in the modern world reconcile religious traditions with the demands of economic globalization? This course will explore a wide gamut of past and present perspectives on this important, controversial subject.