Welcome to Dartmouth! This overview covers what sociology is, and a little about our department, the sociology major, and good classes for first-year students. Our faculty teach and do research on the most pressing issues of our time, including racial justice and inequality, residential segregation, health disparities, education, work-family balance, globalization, democratization, and more. You can find out more about their work here.

Sociology examines the social relations that shape individual behavior, how we connect with one another, and how individuals and groups make meaningful social change.

Sociology Virtual Open Houses will be Thursday September 10th - 1:00-1:45pm EST, 3:00-3:45pm EST.  Links available via the Orientation Calendar.

Sociology at Dartmouth First Year Fall Presentation

Good Courses for First-Year Students this Fall:

                SOCY 1 Introductory Sociology

                SOCY 20 Sex, Death, and Migration

                SOCY 27 Organizations in Society

                SOCY 35 Sociology of Mental Health

                SOCY 48 Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity           

Consider taking a statistics class this year. SOCY 10 is offered Fall, Winter, & Spring.

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